Kevin O’Rourke Appointed Interim City Manager for the City of Santa Ana

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PARS would like to congratulate Kevin O’Rourke on his new position as Interim City Manager for the City of Santa Ana. Kevin will be taking an unpaid leave of absence from PARS during this time. We wish him well and look forward to his return as Senior Consultant.

Career at a Glance

Kevin started his California city management career in 1981 at the City of Stanton where he served as City Manager until 1985. He went on to serve as city manager for the cities of Buena Park (1985-1997), Fairfield (1997-2007), then as Interim City Manager for the Cities of Stockton and Woodland.

Before joining the City of Santa Ana and PARS, Kevin strived during his extensive career to help municipalities by serving on many boards, including Cal-ICMA, CCMF, ICMA and League of California Cities. He was also the past president of Orange County Area Managers Group, Solano County Area Managers Group and League of California Cities City Management Department.

Kevin received his undergraduate degree at LaSalle University and completed the Masters Program in Public Administration at Cal State Long Beach.


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