Kevin O’Rourke featured in Trackdown Nov. 2013 Newsletter

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Trackdownby Jack A. Simpson, November 2013

California “O-City Managers”: We included a biographical sketch of Kevin O’Rourke in our May issue this year when we highlighted the Kevins in California city management. However, Kevin O’Rourke is certainly one of the City Manager “O’s.”

He began his working career in the private sector in 1975. In 1977 he was hired to serve as the Director of Human Resources for the City of Stanton in Orange County. In 1981 Kevin was chosen to serve as the Assistant to the City Manager, and in 1982 he was appointed Stanton City Manager/City Clerk. Kevin left the Stanton management team in 1985 when he was selected to be the Buena Park City Manager; a post he held for a dozen years. In 1997 Kevin traveled to Northern California to become the City Manager in Fairfield. He retired from Fairfield, home of Jelly Bellies jelly beans, in 2008 and founded his KOLGS consulting firm.

In 2009 Kevin travelled to Stockton to serve as the Interim City Manager; in 2010 he took the General Services Director post in Solano County in an interim role; and in 2011 he was appointed Interim City Manager in Woodland. He recently completed an impressive stint as the Interim City Manager in the City of Santa Ana. Kevin has joined the good people of PARS as a Senior Consultant to help with their Public Agency Retirement Services.

Kevin earned a BA from La Salle College. He has served as President of the City Managers Department of the League of California Cities (1997-1998), and he served on the ICMA Executive Board as a Regional Vice President (2000-2003). Kevin has also served on the Cal-ICMA Board and the Board of CCMF. In 2007 he was the recipient of a 30-year ICMA Service Award. Kevin has developed a liking for traveling to Australia where he is well-known in city management circles. This past year Kevin visited some of his relatives in Ireland.

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