Wave of retirements could reshape San Diego schools

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U-T San Diego, by Maureen Magee,  March 15, 2014

By eliminating some of the most seasoned teachers from the district payroll, San Diego Unified would shave millions off its looming multiyear budget deficit.

Looking beyond the fiscal benefits of the retirement-incentive package approved by the school board Tuesday, the initiative has the potential to reshape California’s second-largest district on several other fronts:

  • A massive employee purge would trigger the first teacher recruitment effort to fall under new diversity goals to staff classrooms with educators who better reflect changing demographics and family dynamics of students.
  • A wave of retirements would begin to “right-size” the teaching force of a district that is loosing enrollment year after year.
  • A new crop of rookie teachers could also make for a smoother transition to new Common Core academic standards and the policies of new Superintendent Cindy Marten since they would have less formative professional experience to draw from.

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