PARS OPEB Trust Now Offering Low-Cost Vanguard Funds In New England

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Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS), one of the fastest growing OPEB trust providers in New England, has partnered with investment pioneer Vanguard to offer members of the PARS OPEB Trust Program  some of the lowest cost investment pools available for OPEB pre-funding*.

Key features include:

  • Rates normally only available to public agencies with at least $250 million in assets
  • Management fees well below those of typical investment advisors
  • Outperforming funds – 92% of Vanguard funds outperform peer averages over the last decade*
  • Economies of scale & decreasing fee schedule – investment management fees decrease as assets in the pools increase
  • Custom Vanguard indexes ranging in risk tolerance from conservative to growth
  • Local control of assets to fit investment goals
  • The security and flexibility of our IRS-Reviewed, GASB-Compliant PARS OPEB Trust

Participating agencies – regardless of size – also gain access to full-service, dedicated program support, oversight and design from our PARS team of experts.

Bring Balance to Your Balance Sheet

With GASB 45 in effect and GASB 75 on the way in 2017, there is no better time to address your current OPEB liabilities than through our IRS-reviewed, GASB-compliant PARS OPEB Trust solution.

Join with the other 20+ New England towns, cities, school districts and special districts who have adopted the PARS OPEB Trust Program this year alone and the over 170+ PARS OPEB Trust Program clients nationwide!

Contact us today to learn more!

Maureen Toal
844.540.OPEB (6732)

Kathryn Cannie

* Performance and cost as measured by Vanguard in a peer to peer study over the past 10 years. On average Vanguard’s mutual fund expense ratios are 82% lower than the industry average.


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