Easy Options & Simple Set-Up for Valley Collaborative

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Valley Collaborative is a public school in Billerica, Massachusetts that provides academic, therapeutic, and vocational services for special needs students through age 22.  With the recent addition of retiree health care to its employee benefits package, the Collaborative saw the importance of setting aside money to pay for these future benefits, and subsequently determined that an OPEB trust program would be the most effective way to manage the costs long-term. With this, Collaborative staff sought an OPEB trust that was easy to set up and simple to use to avoid spending tremendous time, money, and resources starting and managing an OPEB trust program.  Valley Collaborative found their OPEB prefunding solution with the PARS OPEB Trust Program.

The PARS OPEB Trust Program is a unique multiple-employer trust program for public entities to prefund retiree healthcare benefits. It is one of the nation’s largest private OPEB trust programs, now in six states, with over 170 participating municipalities, school districts, and special districts.  PARS is partnered with U.S. Bank and Vanguard to offer low-cost and flexible investment solutions that are designed to fit any OPEB funding need. Valley Collaborative shared:

“With PARS’ signature ready trust and implementation documents, the set up was simple.  We avoided the significant legal, investment, and administrative expenses of starting our own trust and found the simple, extremely low-cost investment options with Vanguard very appealing.  With flexible funding, multiple investment options, and full-service that took the administrative burden off our staff, we quickly realized that the PARS OPEB Trust Program was the best solution for us.”

Valley Collaborative is now confidently prefunding its other post employment benefit costs while benefiting from the following comprehensive features of the PARS OPEB Trust Program:

  • “Turn-key” model that combines trust administration, trustee, compliance monitoring, and investment management services
  • IRS approved prefunding vehicle
  • Economies of scale that reduce fees as more entities join
  • Signature ready trust and implementation documents
  • Flexible funding options with no minimum contributions or mandated funding schedule
  • Safety and security of assets provided by one of the largest OPEB trustee’s in the nation, U.S. Bank


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