Three Important Questions to Ask About OPEB Trust Investing

Categories: New England Developments,OPEB/GASB 45/75
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Are you being charged or quoted too much in OPEB trust investment management fees?

Are you getting poor returns in this volatile market?

Are you unable to diversify your investments because you don’t have enough assets to fund OPEB?

Investing and diversifying assets to lower your municipality or school’s liability is considered one of the most important reasons for establishing an OPEB trust program. But in our current, highly volatile investment market, it is important to ask these questions about any current or prospective trust/investment management providers you may use.

Important features of any OPEB trust program include:

  • Access to multiple investment options with differing risk tolerance levels
  • Ability to change investment portfolio at any time to meet your agency’s specific needs
  • OPEB trust and investment management fees that are reasonable and don’t significantly cut into earnings
  • Comprehensive services for fees that include IRS-approved trust documents and ongoing compliance monitoring

Whether or not you are already pre-funding, consider the PARS (Public Agency Retirement Services) OPEB Trust Program. In collaboration with our industry leading investment partners, U.S. Bank and Vanguard, our program offers seven different investment options that were each designed specifically for OPEB pre-funding and have achieved historically strong returns. Some of our investment pools are also the lowest cost option in New England, and offer economies of scale so that pricing can be reduced as assets grow in the pool.

With a core focus on flexibility, low-cost and local control, PARS’ turn-key program allows clients to change investment strategy at any time, and is now the fastest growing trust program both in New England and nationally, with 200 clients and $1 billion in assets under management.