County of Riverside Adopts PARS PRSP

Categories: California Developments,Pension Rate Stabilization
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Riverside County is the latest county to adopt the PARS Pension Rate Stabilization Program – Section 115 Trust (PRSP)

The PARS Pension Rate Stabilization Program (PRSP) is a powerful tool designed for setting aside funds (prefunding) to address future pension contribution rate increases.

Key advantages of the PARS program include:

  • Pioneer in the Field PARS is a pioneer in the field of governmental employer trust programs since the early 1990’s
  • Created the Concept – PARS created the concept of prefunding pension through a multiple employer Section 115 trust, and established the first program in California
  • 1st Private Letter Ruling – PARS holds an exclusive and first of its kind Private Letter Ruling from the IRS for this concept
  • Proven Track Record – PARS is an experienced, trusted administrator and consultant with an over 30 year proven track record in public agency retirement services
  • Dedicated Senior Portfolio Manager – Provides onsite reviews, assistance with investment policy and cell phone access

For more information or a complimentary proposal, please contact:

Mitch Barker, PARS Executive Vice President
(949) 250-6369 ext. 116 | mbarker@pars.org

Mike Graves, PARS Senior Consultant
(916) 834-7545 | mikergraves@hotmail.com