PARS OPEB Trust Program: Great Investment Returns and Low Fees

Categories: New England Developments,OPEB/GASB 45/75
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Do you want an OPEB Trust Program with great investment returns, low fees and economies of scale pricing?

If so, the PARS OPEB Trust Program is a great fit for you. Administered by Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS), this IRS-approved, Section 115 trust program offers a turn-key, low-cost solution to help local governments throughout Massachusetts prefund their retiree healthcare liabilities.

Whether you already have an OPEB trust, or are thinking about setting one up, it is important to compare with PARS, and consider the following:

  • Are you paying more than 0.07% of assets (7 basis points) for investment management?

With investment management fees starting at only 0.07% of assets, the PARS OPEB Trust can offer the lowest cost investment services in Massachusetts. Offering a variety of investment portfolios designed specifically for OPEB prefunding by U.S. Bank and Vanguard, your agency would also have flexibility to select an approach that most appropriately meets its investment needs.

  • Have investment returns been low or even negative for the last year?

The investment portfolios for our program continue to deliver strong returns. We can offer both hands-on, actively managed approaches with U.S. Bank, or low-cost index options with Vanguard. Either way, we would welcome the opportunity to compare our returns with those of any other provider.

In addition to low investment management fees and strong returns, the PARS OPEB trust also has no start up costs, and fees that decrease as assets in the portfolios growfor all member agencies. With 230+ public agency clients, and the fastest growing OPEB trust program in New England, PARS is ready to help address your OPEB liabilities today!