Need Budget Savings? There’s Still Time for a Retirement Incentive in ’19-’20

Categories: California Developments,Early Retirement Incentives
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The start of the New Year brings with it new goals, new ideas, and new opportunities. It is also a time to look for creative ways to save money.

As you continue to review your district’s finances over the coming weeks, consider having PARS help you analyze whether an early retirement incentive can create fiscal savings for your district in 2020 and beyond.

Having implemented over 750 incentive plans for 400+ clients since 1984, PARS provides a constructive tool that can help your district to:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Restructure its workforce
  • Avoid and/or reduce the need for layoffs
  • Retain skilled, newer employees
  • Address declining enrollment

Our comprehensive approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual district, maximize budgetary savings, and create a win-win for your district and employees.

Contact us now and let us prepare a free in-depth analysis to determine the impact/feasibility of a retirement incentive based on your district’s employee census and data. Should the analysis show a favorable result for your district, there is still time this academic/school year to implement a successful plan.