Voluntary Separation Incentives: Historically Helping Districts in Difficult Times

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In these unprecedented and uncertain times, your school district is working hard to navigate the unparalleled combination of facing this “new normal” with the sudden need to reduce costs. Since our founding over 35 years ago, PARS has been there to assist school districts grapple with budget challenges during difficult times. As we all now face COVID-19 and its effects together, PARS is still here to help.

PARS has a long-standing successful track record of implementing over 1,000 Voluntary Separation Incentives to more than 350 school districts, community colleges, and educational agencies nationwide. These incentives have helped districts reduce labor costs, restructure their workforce, and avoid/reduce the need for layoffs.

Two of the biggest strengths of our program are its transparency and flexibility. Using our proprietary analysis model, PARS studies district-provided census data to help determine if a Voluntary Separation Incentives makes sense for you. We also work closely with your staff to assess how different variables such as benefit amounts and eligibility groups can help your district achieve specific goals and objectives.